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Gwede Mantashe asks the UAAC to pray for the ANC

ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe, implored the UAAC members to pray for the ANC as the governing party heads for an elective Conference in December 2017. He was a Guest Speaker during the 2017 General Conference on 24 September 2017 at the church ‘s Holy Palace, at Ha-Mavhunga, Limpopo Province.  “We ask the UAAC to pray for the ANC so that when the ANC wins, it will be a task from GOD”, Mantashe said to huge applause.

The ANC Secretary General added that the church in general played a major role role during the struggle for liberation. He indicated that the duty of the church is to pray for the ANC as it did during the struggle until the country attained freedom. Mantashe argued that that process of praying for the ANC cannot stop now because the ANC is in power, it must continue.

Quoting from the book of numbers, Mantashe drew similarities between the Israelites’ journey to the promised land when people began doubting Moses and what some people are now saying about the ANC. He indicated that some people are now doubting the ANC despite all the progress made since 1994. “When people begin to doubt, they forget that 150 000 black students were at Universities in 1994, but today we have over 850 000 Black students at Universities, most of whom are receiving financial assistance from Government”, he said.

The request for prayers by the ANC Secretary General did not fall on deaf ears as the Archbishop indicated that he will pray for the ANC. “As the UAAC Leader, I wish the ANC well and also pledge to pray that the elections be held in peace and harmony  and so that they elect a Leadership that is beyond reproach. May the ANC elections be free and fair”, the Archbishop declared in a prepared speech.

For full coverage of the conference, visit UAAC TV on YouTube.

Peace be unto all!

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