In 1985, Archbishop EMM Mureri  established the UAAC Youth Brigade to ensure spiritual development of young people within the church. Through the Youth Ministry, the Archbishop sought to encourage the Youth to prioritize education, develop individual talents, social skills and preparing them for adulthood and other responsibilities.

Youth committees are established at branch, district and Provincial levels.  Provincial structures that comprise of district representatives report to the Youth President who oversees all youth activities, both within RSA and in other countries.

The Youth Ministry focuses on the following:

  • Spiritual development of young people within the church
  • Arranging youth gatherings at district, Provincial and National levels
  • Educational development of young people
    • Rendering career guidance service to young people
    • Facilitation of financial aid to youth from poor families wishing to further studies at tertiary level.
  • Rendering youth life skills program
  • Promoting Christianity as a vehicle to productive life-styles
  • Promoting responsibility and respect among all young people

The Youth in RSA conduct Provincial Conferences in February and April , whilst the youth in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana conduct their conferences in May each year.

The National Youth Conference is held during the last week of June when the academic calendar is in recess to enable all the young people to participate.

The Youth Brigade arranges an annual Career exhibition session at the church headquarters during the third week of May each year.  Career Advisers from institutions of Higher and Further Learning are invited to advice the youth on better career choices, bursary applications as well as introducing the youth to tertiary education.

During conferences, UAAC Choirs from various districts showcase their talents during a choir performance session. Other activities include social skills sessions, educational sessions, Sunday school kids’ performance, seminars, dramas, etc.


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The Youth Ministry leaders are:

Evang ND Ramutsheli – National Youth President

Evang ND Ramutsheli

Evang Ndivhuwo Ramutsheli represents the affairs of the youth in the NCC.  He began his leadership role as the Secretary of the Pretoria Town Youth Committee. 

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Evang David Mudau

Evang David Mudau

Evang David Mudau began leadership roles within the Gauteng Youth Committee as the Director of the Communications and Marketing Department in May 2009.

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Evang Z Munzhedzi

Evang Zachariah Munzhedzi was appointed to lead the Limpopo Province in April 2017.  He is well known for his role as Lead Singer for

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